An armor stand.

Armor is the defensive garment worn by the combatants in the field of war. Armor serves to increase the resistance against damage and damage types, as well as raise or lower statistics, such as health and movement speed. Armor can be accessed from the menu, at the "Armor" tab.

Armor may be customized via cosmetics from the shop and cosmetics from Culture Packs, as well as dyed and patterned.

Armor Types

Combatants have the choice of choosing three armor types: heavy, medium and light. The option to go unarmored is available as well, yet it serves no defensive values, and takes increased damage from all damage types. The combatant may only equip one armor at a time - with the exception of helmets, which can be worn with armor, yet are purely for aesthetics, and yield no defensive properties currently.

Heavy Armor

Heavy armor is the sturdiest and slowest armor type. Heavy armor has an increased resistance against cutting damage, and is slightly more vulnerable against blunt damage. Heavy armor has the slowest movement speed of all armor types, yet has an increase of +10 health.

Medium Armor

Medium armor is the perfect balance between movement speed and defense. Medium armor has a balanced resistance against cutting and blunt, and is slightly weaker resistance against piercing damage. Medium armor gains an increase of +10 health, and a small decrease in movement speed.

Light Armor

Light armor is the quickest of all armor types. Light armor is resistant against blunt, and is very weak against cutting and piercing damage. Light armor has no movement speed penalty, and no health increase.


Unarmored is an optional armor type which has no benefits from damage type resistance and statistic increases. Unarmored suffers from increased damage from all damage types, and is the weakest armor type.

Armor List

Here is the list of all current armor sets available in the game:

Armor Name Armor Type
Plate and Mail Heavy
Lamellar Cuirass Heavy
Steel Breastplate Medium
Lamellar Vest Medium
Leather Vest Light