Combat is the integral part of Cold Steel. It uses a fairly simple system, compared to the four-way directional attacking system present in games like the Mount & Blade franchise.


To swing your weapon, you must click with the Left Mouse Button. Blocking with the Right Mouse Button. Switching attack directions is possible with the keys Q (Left) and E (Right). The Combatant may also use the Scroll Wheel to attack, Scroll Up (Overhead) as well as Scroll Down (Thrust).

Here's a simpler list as well as the explanations;

Left Mouse Button (LMB) - Swing (Begin attacking.)

Right Mouse Button (RMB) - Block (Hold to block.)

- Left Directional Attack (Switch attacking direction to the left from yourself.)

E - Right Directional Attack (Switch attacking direction to the right from yourself.)

Scroll Up - Overhead (Raises your weapon upwards and brings it down, stronger but slower.)

Scroll Down - Thrust (Brings your weapon downwards and thrusting it at your enemy quickly.)

Blocking Mechanics

All weapons - excluding throwable weapons - can block. Blocking with weapons costs stamina with a successful block and has a short delay after being used. You can hold the block with shields for a longer period of time. Blocking with shields costs no stamina for 3 seconds before it is held until the stamina bar nearly runs out.


Tips and Tricks

  • Spamming attacks is not a good idea, as it will deplete your Stamina gauge. The key is patience!
  • You can't chain an attack after using Thrust. Remember this, or you may end up not being able to retaliate or block fast enough.
  • Never trade hits with a heavy armor-Fighter.