Combatants are the user-controlled players of Cold Steel. They are tasked to eliminate any other combatant on the battle field in order to score the victory for the user. The combatant may use any means necessary to claim their user's victory, and they have a multitude of varrying war tools to aid them with such task.

Overview Edit

Combatants are standard robloxians that share the exact base statistics, which can be modified with weapons and armor to aid them in slaying their opponents on the battle grounds. Each weapon and armor serves a different purpose for the combatant and their playstyle. Deciding the most effective combination of weapons and armor will help the combatant achieve maximum possibility for a victory.

Base Statistics Edit

Each combatant has an equal amount of base statistics, which are health, movement speed and stamina. Base statistic may be altered with the use of war tools, such as armor.

Health Bar Edit

The health bar determines the amount of hits the player may take before fainting. The base health for all combatants is the same, and may be altered with the use of armor - medium and heavy armor increase the base health, yet light armor and unarmored do not.

Stamina Bar Edit

Each combatant has their own stamina bar, which is correspondent with all of the combatants. The combatant uses up stamina when they perform a specific action - such as attacking and deflecting an attack - yet the stamina bar may regenerate after the player hasn't performed any actions for a few seconds. Some actions may take more stamina than others, while some actions drain stamina over time instead of consuming it.

Movement Speed Edit

Movement speed determines the pace which the combatant moves. Movement speed may not be increase, and instead can be decreased by wearing heavier armor, such as medium armor and heavy armor. Light armor and unarmored do not lower the base movement speed. Some actions, such as blocking, may slow the combatant down for the duration of the action. Getting staggered paralyzes the combatant, making them unable to move while the staggering animation is up.